Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 Reflections

What did you do today?
I received a briefing on how distillation column works and its purpose. We learnt how to use gas chromatography to obtain a small sample from the top and bottom of the distillation column to determine the effectiveness of purifying a percentage of ethanol in water. Afterwards, we applied this knowledge to attempt to use the distillation column to purify a mixture of 77 mole % of ethanol in water.

What did you learn today?
I learnt about the purpose of a distillation column. Also, we learnt about how gas chromatography works and how it is involved in analyzing samples from the distillation column to ensure that a sufficient percentage of ethanol in water is purified. From today’s activities, I also learnt that collaborative effort plays a big role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of science experiments.

How do you feel about today’s activities?

Today’s activities has not only given me experience of using acquired knowledge to accomplish a task, but also working under pressure. I have also learnt to view Chemistry from a wider perspective and appreciate the complicated mechanics behind the creation of many household items. The skills learnt from this experience will prove to be useful in a future career.

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